How to Buy High Dividend Stocks

How to Buy High Dividend Stocks that pay:

Dividend is Money deposited into your account when you own the stock. High dividend Stocks are selected to get you maximum possible return based on current market environment. We will be guiding you about how to buy these stocks into your portfolio using Motif Investing website. It will be easy to go on automatic investment for $ 4.99 per month.

Once you buy the stocks or ETF into your account, you will start seeing deposits into your account each month. The date of payment for each fund is different.

Invest in dividend stocks 

How to Invest in Dividend Stocks – STEP by STEP instructions



Top 30 Dividend Stocks 2017

Get Monthly Dividend Payment

Here is how dividend Income paid

  1. You must buy shares before Ex-Record Date published online
  2. You must hold shares on Ex-Record Date
  3. Dividends will be paid to you on Pay Date. Pay Date in not same as Ex-Record Date but is in Future

Dividend Tax Rates

Dividends paid are classified as ordinary or qualified dividend

  • Ordinary dividend is taxed as ordinary income
  • Qualified dividend is taxed at lower capital gain rates

If you receive dividends in significant amounts you must pay estimated taxes to avoid penalty from IRS

Qualified Dividend for lower tax rates

Common stock ownership of more than 60 days between a period of 120 day needed. You also need to own it 60 days before the ex-dividend date.

Preferred stock you must own 90 days before the stock’s ex-dividend date between the period of 180 days


Types of Dividends

Cash Dividend: Most common type of dividend where company deposits money in your account

Stock Dividend: Not very common where you will receive additional shares but the price of share goes down

Hybrid Dividend: Combination of both above

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