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Watch your money grow each month. Use time tested dividend generating investment starting with just 300 dollars per month. The sooner you start the sooner you will be on your path to passive income.


How to buy dividend now?

We created BuyDividendNow © page to simplify practical steps to introduce everybody to learn powerful dividend investing. As of 2017 there is simple powerful MOTIF Investing that will enable you to get 12 percent annual dividend yield. You will always control your money because this strategy will allow you to invest every month automatically. Furthermore, you could stop investing anytime and let the current investment earn money for you. Due to complete control of trading account, you could sell your investment anytime and get your money. There is nobody locking your money. You are in control of your money.



Why we named BuyDividendNow?

BuyDividendNow is concept century old concept that has been secret of rich where your money makes money from day you invest it. First of all you should be clear about the difference between rich and poor is how you handle your money. Rich invest their money because they know it is important to invest, furthermore they also know where to invest.

BuyDividendNow is created with idea that you are paid at least one percent dividend from the day you invest. The core idea is your accounting will be deposited money every month.

What will you need to BuyDividendNow?

In order to invest a minimum of 300 dollars each month, you will need following

  •       Understanding of investing regularly
  •       Investment account with Motif Investing
  •       Financial Ability to invest at least 300 dollars each month
  •       Basic computer skills

What is dividend yield?

Visit Dividend Yield to understand basics of dividend yield

Most noteworthy is dividend yield is money making money. You invest money into a stock or ETF that will pay you share of their profit at regular intervals. Your gains will be deposited every time the company declares dividend. There are certain holding period requirements to get into lower tax bracket of 15%. Learn more at Basics of Dividend in Stock.

Why to get Dividend Yield?

Most people work of their life to make money. Rather than their money work for them they work for money. As a result at the end of month they get paid. The payment is used to pay bills and enjoy. The money comes and money goes basically leaving them with nothing. What do rich do? They first get money working for them. Money makes money and they use that money to pay bills and enjoy and rest goes back to making money. They BuyDividendNow. They don’t wait for anything. You might argue that they have too much money or they inherit money. Sorry, everyone begins somewhere. When will you learn to deploy your money? Do you even know that there are opportunities everywhere?

Get dividend now is not new concepts. It has been source of millions of dollars to millions of people. Just not you; not because you are not allowed to do it. It is just that you never paid attention to it. You were not even aware that you could make this kind of money. At least I was not aware of this until I formulated BuyDividendNow concept using MOTIF Investing.

How to invest in dividend stocks?

How to receive dividend every month?

In order to received dividends monthly you will need to purchase following Motif every month with with 300 dollars.

We created Monthly Dividend Stock 2017 MOTIF so you could invest in 30 different stocks/ETF to get at least one percent return each month.

we are not affiliated with MOTIF Investing. It is independent broker. Your money will be with them. You can buy sell anytime and money will go back into your account. We are only providing path for you to achieve this. Other than this we are not responsible for your gain or loss. Do you due diligence. These MOTIF’s allow you to diversify your investment into lot of ETF so failure of anyone will not wipe out your capital.

Let the law of averaging work in your favor. Do not invest aggressively with big sums. First start small and set up automatic investing BLUE plan. If you need referral that will give you three months of blue send me a note in contact us page.

Wishing you all the Best

Let your money grow. Let the money make money cycle being for you.

Start soon and then stay the course.


Click on INVEST button below to see all the funds and stocks invested in this field.

Automate your investment cycle

  1. You could choose to automatic investment plan in MOTIF. Login to your account and click the blue circle. This is a subscription plan. You need to pay minimum 4.95 to have automatic investment

    how to invest in dividend stocks Automactic invesment
    Automactic invesment


  2. Here the automatic investment plans available to you
    how to invest in dividend stocks : Blue Plan
    how to automatically invest in dividend stocks : Blue Plan


  3. Pick the BLUE Starter plan. If you would like to receive THREE months of FREE then send me your email address so I can refer you through my personal account. But you need to receive the referral before you open your account. If you request it later, they will not give your THREE months for BLUE free. After the free period they will charge your credit card 4.95 per month. But your purchase of MOTIF will be free every two weeks that is about 9.95 each time you purchase. Since your investment value is small it is profitable to you use BLUE plan and only pay 4.95 per month. It is worth it.
  4. Once your BLUE account is setup, follow the following steps to enable BLUE automatic investment for your MOTIF of high dividend paying stocks.

    Go to Account -> Dashboard
    Click on your current holding of MOTIF (basket of dividend paying ETF)
    Look for following buttons

    how to invest in dividend stocks : Activate Auto Invest
    Activate Auto Investment for already purchased MOTIF

    Click on BLUE (white button with circle) to see following option. Select your frequency and amount to invest and SAVE changes.

    how to invest in dividend stocks | Set Investment Amount
    Regularly invest little amount in dividend stocks | Set Investment Amount here

    That’s it. 

  5. Set automatic transfer of 300 dollars from your bank account into Motif Investment and then set up Blue automatic investment into Dividend ETF.

Regularly check the dividend deposited into account

  1. Right after your first month of investment you should start checking the dividend posted into your accounts
  2. To check dividend deposited in your account follow the following steps
    From main menu click Activity -> Transaction

    how to invest in dividend stocks | See Results
    how to invest in dividend stocks | See Results
  3. You will see something similar to following transaction listed each month. This is actual money deposited into your account each month. You will see small amounts at the beginning because most of the holdings will be in fractional amounts. Once your investment goes above certain amount, bigger dividend amounts will be posted. Here you go, your money is making money for you.

    how to invest in dividend stocks | Verify Dividend Income
    Verify Dividend Income