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Monthly Dividend Stock 2017

Monthly Dividend Stocks are important for investors who are looking for monthly return on their investment. First of all you should be very clear that their is no crystal ball to guarantee gains in dividend funds. It is on utmost importance that you should diversify your investment. There are individual stocks and ETF that could generate more than 10% per year. Due to basic nature of volatile market, I have decided to create a fund of funds that would reduce the risk and give you average dividend yield of 12 to 15%.

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Monthly Dividend Stocks Part 3
best monthly dividend stocks Part 3

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Stocks that pay dividends monthly 

Is it possible to get paid monthly? Sooner you learn about these investments the sooner you will get paid their dividends monthly.  You need to do your research to be sure that these do pay hence the sample charts above. These have been proven to pay monthly. The amount also looks pretty regular.  Monthly dividends especially make life easier for regular income.  Don’t you get your bills monthly, then why should dividend payments not be the same?  For me monthly dividend-paying stocks are your employees. The money works for you. Let the money come in and you invest it again. Let more money come in. Once you are in that cycle, you have learned the principals of wealthy. Well nothing comes without catch. What makes investing great is that every investor has different goals and different plans for getting there. Dividend investing and monthly paying dividend stocks helps in those goals.

Overview of Monthly Dividend-Paying Stocks

For me risk control is my highest goal. You don’t want to invest all your money in one day with a belief that nothing will go wrong. The dividend will come but remember market moves the prices of your purchase. Hence it is very important to invest small amounts at regular intervals.

When it comes to picking individual stocks among those that make payouts monthly, there are many risks that come into play. The most pressing issue for these companies will come with the rise of interest rates in the coming years and in 2017, because individual sectors REITs, telecoms, and BDCs often rely heavily on leverage in their operations. When interest rates rise, companies in these sectors will see their cost of doing business rise and their profit margins shrink overnight. Both of these factors can make dividends that were once dependable turn into ones that are eliminated.

when looking for dividend-paying stocks for a portfolio, whether it be monthly paying or otherwise, the main concern should be the relative strength of the company and therefore the strength of its underlying dividend yield. If investors seek the great income that can come with monthly dividend stocks, they should take their past and current financial statements with a grain of salt. When doing in-depth research on monthly dividend-paying companies, investors must look at their numbers with the effects of interest rate increases firmly in mind.

Ask yourself if the company’s financing will drastically impact performance when interest rates continue to rise. Some companies will feel the painful effects of increased borrowing rates much more than others. Companies funded with a large amount of long-term debt will be better-positioned than those funded with debt that is maturing within this year or the next couple of years. As a whole, companies with a relatively low level of debt will perform better compared to those with lots of liabilities on their books. Despite the risks that rising interest rates pose too many monthly dividend-paying companies, monthly dividend payers are and will be a worthwhile option to add the portfolio income investors are looking for.

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